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Technical Info

Minimal Heating of Components


The major difference between laser welding and more traditional methods of welding is the lasers ability to produce the energy required for melting metal within a fraction of a second (1/1000). Due to this extremely short time, there is minimal heat introduced into the work piece. As the Laser only pulses from 0.5 up to 20 times per second this means there is a significant amount of “off time” compared to the Laser pulse, helping to keep heat to a minimum, which in turn vastly reduces any chance of stress being introduced into even the most delicate of components.


Welding of Previously Impossible Components


With the ability to focus the Laser beam down to as small as 0.2mm in diameter, or 0.008” in old money, and with the aid of a 12X Leica microscope, welds that were previously thought impossible can now be completed with relative ease.


Purity of Weld


The Laser can be used to “fusion” weld components together meaning that only the original materials will be introduced into the welded area and the weld will be free of any possible impurities. If a filler wire is required, to build-up areas or repair damage, there is a large selection of specialty rods available to best match the original material. The introduction of a filler wire now means that dissimilar materials that were previously thought impossible to weld together can be welded.


Ideal Welding Conditions


Due to the minimal heat introduced into the components, the protective gas, normally Argon, is able to do its job extremely well, resulting in the cleanest possible welding environment.


Excellent Surface Finish


By increasing the Lasers beams welding diameter the existing weld can be melted a second time to achieve a very smooth surface finish




Performance Comparison

Weld Pool Size

Heat Input


2 - 10mm


Max. 5mm

4 - 15mm


Max. 5mm

0.2 - 0.3mm



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