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Fully trained in the process of Laser Welding and with over 25 years of precision engineering experience in Injection Mould Tooling, Press Tooling along with the Food, Medical and Automotive industries, Laser Welding Services is well placed to offer you a solution to your tooling or production needs.


Laser Welding can be used to weld all the commercially available metals, including tool steels, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel, copper, precious metals and certain dissimilar metal combinations.


The advantages of Laser Welding include:

Why Choose Laser Welding?

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The parts will never get hot enough to produce cracks, sinkage or discolouration of the part


Highly accurate - welding can be controlled down to a width of 0.2mm


The laser can be controlled in such a way that we can weld within 0.025mm to an area that needs to remain weld free,  so that only the area that needs welding will be worked.


By putting the exact amount on, in exactly the area you want it, leaves the engineer with minimal rework


Quick and cheap method of getting the item back into production, without having to scrap or remake a component


What's with the kiwi?

Born and raised on a sheep and cattle farm in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, it seems only right that a link to my homeland should feature in the company logo. I qualified as a precision engineer/tool maker with New Zealand Industrial Gases, part of BOC, which is also where I was first introduced to the many different techniques of welding.


For those of you interested, the unfurling fern within the Kiwi is called a “Koru”, a Maori word that means growth, strength and striving for perfection, so it also seemed very appropriate to include this in the logo.

John Forde

Founder of Laser Welding Services

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Laser Welding Services | Tregarsan | Paradise Road | Boscastle | PL35 0BL

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